Wisport Reindeer 75L Rucksack

Wisport Reindeer 75L Rucksack

Wisport Reindeer 75L Rucksack

Part of the Hunting range, the Reindeer 75 liter rucksack is incredibly durable and long lasting. Made from especially robust Cordura Nylon, and designed with the help of military forces, this pack is an essential piece of equipment if one is wanting to engage or embark on a serious trek, hike or adventure.

Wisport Reindeer Rucksack 75L division hood

With one main compartment, easily divisible into two smaller sections via the use of a division hood, the Reindeer 75 litre rucksack has plenty of room for all your gear. Attached to the internal hood is an adjustable drawstring, allowing the wearer to store and carry longer items. One can gain entry to the main compartment through both the top and bottom of the rucksack, and is secured on both sides with a durable, Wisport zipper.

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Sizeable and spacious
With a default capacity size of 75 litres, the Reindeer Rucksack’s capacity may be further increased by up to 12 litres, thanks to the chimney design it incorporates. The lid contains two zippered pockets, one exterior and one interior. Two outer pockets on the side of the bag increase the storage capacity even further, resulting in a bundle of potential, added room.

Wisport Reindeer Rucksack 75L clips

Comfortable and ergonomic
Featuring wide, ergonomically designed shoulder straps and a padded waist belt, the Reindeer 75 distributes the wearer’s weight evenly, helping to relieve pressure and discomfort on longer treks. Another ingenious feature is the ergonomic carrier system, allowing the backpack to adjust whilst on the move, depending on whether you’re on an upward or downward slope.

Overall, the Wisport Reindeer 75 litre rucksack is a brilliant piece of kit. Extremely spacious and versatile, this ergonomic, comfortable rucksack will make life whilst on the road (or off road) that much more pleasant and enjoyable.

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