Robens Challenger 2 Tent

Robens Challenger 2

Robens Challenger 2 – 2 Man Tent

This new range offers the consistently high quality that Robens is known for but at entry level prices, suited for those with smaller budgets. The Robens Challenger 2 is lightweight and comfortable, durable and quick and easy to setup, and contains just about all the features you’d look for in a good quality, reasonably priced tent. A perfect tent for beginners or intermediates, the Robens Challenger 2 provides everything you’d need in a lightweight tent, without breaking the bank.


Quick and easy setup

The Robens Challenger 2 is cleverly designed, and features easy-to-use, double clip-on hooks for fast, easy and secure attachment to poles, whilst spreading the load on the flysheet stitching. These hooks are both sturdy and convenient. The built in organiser helps keep equipment tidy and in place, meaning you won’t have to spend quite as much time sorting things out when you decide to pack up. The ring and pin system allows for a quick and easy pitch. The quick-set guyline hooks allow for effortless and efficient adjustments of guylines.


Small yet spacious

The Robens Challenger 2 Tent is the smallest and lightest tent in the Sierra range. Using the popular and successful tunnel design to provide both a stable and comfortable sleeping space for TWO people, this tent maximises both sleeping and storage space by offsetting the inner tent to give extra porch space. On top of that, there’s also rear zip access to an additional storage area. Mesh pockets and a gear rope further enhance and improve the storage space this tent provides.

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Lightweight and easy to carry

With a minimum weight of just under 2.4kg, the Robens Challenger 2 Tent is light and won’t weigh you or your pack down whether you’re trekking, biking or hiking.


Aerodynamic and sturdy

The Robens Challenger 2 features HydroTex DP, which was created specifically with the new Sierra range in mind. With a tough, durable fabric that features a fire-retardant treatment and a polyurethane coating with a 3,000mm hydrostatic head, whilst also featuring a compact tunnel design has a sloped aerodynamic profiling for enhanced wind shedding capabilities,  the Robens Challenger 2 can withstand whatever the wilderness can throw at it.

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