Rab Ignition 3 Sleeping Bag

Rab Ignition 3 Sleeping Bag

Rab Ignition 3 – Sleeping Bag

Comfort: 2°C  Limit: -4°C  Extreme: -20°C


  • Lightweight and Easily Packable Weighing just under 1.4kg, and coming with its own compression sack, the Rab Ignition 3 is convenient to carry, and very easily assembled and packed up.
  • Ultra-comfortable The Rab Ignition 3 uses 160g/m Pyrotec synthetic insulation, which provides maximum warmth with minimum bulk. This sleeping bag also features an internal collar and hood drawcord, helping to keep the warm air in, and the cold air out, meaning you’ll be snug and warm all night long.
  • High performance Featuring ripstop nylon on the outside and soft-touch polyester on the inside, the Rab Ignition 3 is both comfortable and durable, keeping you warm and safe in both dry and damp conditions. The Ignition 3 also features an anti-snag zip webbing, meaning you won’t have any trouble at all getting in, or out, at a moment’s notice.


The Ignition 3 is a high performance sleeping bag from Rab. Designed to contour to the body, and provide ultra comfort and warmth, the Ignition 3 will keep you warm, secure and dry when the wilderness gets a little damp.


The shingled blanket construction combined with the tapering mummy design allows the Rab Ignition 3 to conform to your body contour, minimising the amount of air inside the bag, resulting in less heat loss and a warmer, more comfortable night.

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The outside of the sleeping bag consists of a tough, ripstop nylon material with a soft touch, polyester lining. This provides a comfortable, relaxing night’s sleep, whilst also protecting you from the elements.


Overall, the Rab Ignition 3 is a durable, comfortable, sleeping bag that contours to your body and provides a well fitted, warm night’s sleep. Tough on the outside, soft and warm on the inside, it provides everything you’d need from a sleeping bag.

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