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Soaking And Sprouting 0

Soaking And Sprouting

Why should you soak seeds, beans, and nuts?  There are many reasons, the most convincing of which (to me) is that it is what our ancestors did.  And they had a good reason.  Again, from...

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Long term water storage

Long Term Water Storage This is very simple with many misconceptions. There are certain containers that you should not use to store water for long term. First sterilizethe containers with a high bleach/water solution of 1...

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Congo Fever Case

A man who recently returned home to the UK is being treated in complete isolation in hospital for a potentially deadly disease. Tests revealed the 38-year-old, who flew into Scotland from Dubai, has Crimean-Congo...

Shotgun Certificate 0

Applying for a Shotgun Certificate

Notes to help you complete the application form Firearms Acts 1968 to 1997 You will need: An Application Form Download here / An envelope to return your form / 4 passport style photographs. If you are...

Uk prepper bug out bag 0

Uk prepper bug out bag

Having a look at my “Grab Bag” – It supplements my bug out bag so if I had to dump my BOB I still have enough “kit” to enable shelter, fire and make safe...