Mountain Equipment Helium 250

Mountain Equipment Helium 250

Mountain Equipment Helium 250

Comfort: 6°C  Limit: 2°C  Extreme: -20°C

If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact and comfortable sleeping bag, you needn’t look any further than the Mountain Equipment Helium 250. It’s minimalistic weight and size make it the perfect addition to your pack, when you’re looking to travel light.

The bags in this range, all feature an unrivaled level of technicality and quality, in a minimalist bundle. Utilising tried and tested, proven technologies, these Mountain Equipment designs guarantee maximum warmth and comfort, whilst remaining some of the lightest products on the market. The Helium range, in particular, gives unprecedented, unbeatable quality all round, for those who need the best quality and durability, with minimum bulk.

Using specially, newly developed Alpine Fit, Down Control hood and a Trapezium foot piece in this bag, provides unparalleled comfort and snugness.


Unbeatably comfortable and warm

The Alpine Fit design of the Helium 250 also features a lower section, tapered for increased heat insulation. Together, these improve thermal efficiency, and keep you snug and warm whilst you sleep. The Solus collar provides optimum lightweight insulation, with downdraft tubes, further increasing your warmth and comfort. To top it all off, the 4 baffle trapezoid foot piece and 5 baffle anatomical fit hood work together to provide incredible down control and excellent warmth, all with a low weight.

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Lightweight and compact

The Helium 250 offers a very low weight, and a small pack size, all without compromising the durability or comfort of the bag in any way. Packing down to just 16cm x 25cm, and weighing just over 790g, comprising of lightweight, high quality material, the Helium 250 is perfect for those looking for a light, reliable and warm bag.


Overall, the Helium 250 is a high quality, optimally designed sleeping bag that provides backpackers, trekkers and cyclists with unmatched, outstanding all-round quality and performance, with minimum weight and bulk, all at a very reasonable price.

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